Interim Report Part I

 Table of Contents

Executive Summary
I.    Background
II.   Task Force Outreach
III.  Moving Tufts Forward
    A.    Themes       
        1.    Climate   
        2.    Community
        3.    Coherence
    B.    Goals
        1.    Academic Excellence
        2.    Community Building
        3.    A Continuing Commitment to Diversity
IV.   Defining a Tufts Education
V.    Proposals For Community Discussion
    A.    Overview of Proposals
        1.    Constructing a Tufts College System
        2.    Promoting Intellectual Engagement
        3.    Building Community and Strengthening Diversity
    B.    Evaluating Proposals 
VI.   Process and Next Steps
Appendix A: Student Advisory Committee Report
Appendix B:  Task Force Charge
Appendix C:  Community Outreach Meetings
Appendix D:  Membership

   December 2002

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