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Appendix VI.   Membership of Task Force and Student Advisory Committee

Task Force

Gilbert Metcalf                         Task Force Chair; Professor and Chair of Economics

Charles Inouye                         Task Force Co-Chair; Dean of the Undergraduate Colleges

Bruce Reitman                          Task Force Co-Chair; Dean of Students

James Blockwood                    Student (Class of '04)

Frances Chew                          Professor of Biology and Director of American Studies

Lee Edelman                            Professor of English

James Glaser                            Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science

Charline Han                            Student (Class of '04)

Karen Panetta                          Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Rachel Rubenson                      Student (Class of '03)

Maryanne Wolf                        Professor of Child Development and Director of the Center for Reading and Language Research


Task Force Staff

Lara Birk                                  Project Coordinator and Editor



Student Advisory Committee

James Blockwood  (Class of '04, Co-Chair)

Charline Han  (Class of '04, Co-Chair)

Rachel Rubenson  (Class of '03, Co-Chair)

Alison Clarke  (Class of '03)

Eliza Drachman-Jones  (Class of '05)

Lauren Dunn  (Class of '04)

Jacob Gamerman  (Class of '04)

Julia Karol  (Class of '04)

Nikoo Paydar  (Class of '04)

Danny Pierre  (Class of '03)

Jason Sangyoon Shin  (Class of '03)

Sarah Stroback  (Class of '03)

Elizabeth Sutton  (Class of '05)

Randi Wiggins  (Class of '03)



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