The Task Force and the Senior Leadership at the President's House


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May 2009


From left to right, front row: Executive Vice President Steve Manos, Dean Charles Inouye, Lara Birk, Karen Panetta, Francie Chew, Dean Vin Manno, Dean Susan Ernst, Maryanne Wolf, Provost Jamshed Bharucha;  second row: Rachel Rubenson, Dean Robin Kanarek, Dean Kevin Dunn, Dean Wayne Bouchard; third row: Dean Mary Lee, Dean Bruce Reitman, Charline Han;  fourth row: James Blockwood, Lee Edelman;  last row: Task Force Chair Gilbert Metcalf, Jim Glaser, Vice President of Development Brian Lee, and President Larry Bacow.  Link to People.

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President Lawrence Bacow

In the Fall of 2001, President Bacow created the Task Force on the Undergraduate Experience to evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of the Tufts undergraduate experience and to assess how we might enhance it for the 21st century.  Specifically, the Task Force is charged with evaluating our curriculum and pedagogy, assessing the contribution of residential and co-curricular life to the learning process, and considering how each year of the undergraduate experience contributes to a coherent and intentional transformation of intellect and character. The Task Force is also responsible for identifying the resources necessary to effect the changes it will recommend in its final report, which is due in June 2003.

"Now is an ideal time to explore how the Tufts undergraduate experience might be enhanced for the 21st century. The work of the Task Force will help to shape the priorities for undergraduate education and life in this new capital campaign."   

President's Charge to the Task Force

Students at a Task Force Open Student ForumJumboTask Force Co-Chairs and Chair, Charles Inouye, Bruce Reitman, and Gilbert Metcalf (picture courtesy of Soren Burns, Tufts Daily)