The Task Force in the News
 Date Article Title Author, Publication
5/18/03 A Bright Future Editorial, Tufts Daily
5/18/03 Task Force Releases Final Report Brian Loeb, Tufts Daily
5/18/03 Dean Inouye To Step Down Jon Schubin, Tufts Daily
5/18/03 Provost Who Leads By Example Finishes "Freshman" Year Bridget Behling, Tufts Daily
4/19/03 Tufts University Proposes College System Robert O'Hara, Collegiate Way


College Life Reconsidered

 Laura Ferguson, Tufts Magazine

4/16/03 Mead, Newsom Nominated for Presidency Kristyn Daley, Tufts Daily
4/15/02 Construction on Solar-Powered Residence Set to Begin Warren Davis, Tufts Daily
4/14/03 Task Force Revises College System Recommendation Sarah Dalglish, Tufts Daily
4/14/03 Recipients Avoid Controversy at Seniors Awards Ceremony Jon Schubin, Tufts Daily
4/11/03 Financial Aid Increase Will Only Cover Increased Demand Christopher Robbins, Tufts Daily
4/3/03 Provost's Summer Research Plan Unveiled Christopher Robbins, Tufts Daily
3/27/03 Tufts Enters Final Phase of Re-Accreditation Chelsey Leruth, Tufts Daily
3/07/03 Ex College Event Addresses Controversial Campus Issues Bree Sposato, Tufts Daily
3/06/03 Tuftslife Pledges Continued Operation after Founders' Graduation Jon Schubin, Tufts Daily
2/26/03 Let's Think Harder about (Not) Canceling Classes Gary McKissick, Tufts Daily
2/24/03 The Task Force on the Undergraduate Experience: A GSC Conversation The Grad Grind
2/21/03 Are Two Majors and a Minor Too Much? Carlton Bailey, Tufts Observer
2/19/03 Provost Supports New Undergraduate Research Opportunities Elisa Kantor, Tufts Daily
2/17/03 Luke, Don't Use the Task Force Brandon Balkind, Primary Source
2/13/03 Inouye Responds to Article (Letter to Editor) Charles Inouye, Tufts Daily
2/12/03 Task Force Proposes 4-year Writing Program Jon Schubin, Tufts Daily
2/12/03 Task Force Student Forum Sparsely Attended Jessica Harris, Tufts Daily
2/10/03 Trustees Hear Funding Options at Annual Meeting Sarah Dalglish, Tufts Daily
2/06/03 Students, Administrators Disagree on Funds Sarah Dalglish, Tufts Daily
2/06/03 Take Your Professor to Lunch Week Brings Students and Faculty Together Danica Curavic, Tufts Daily
2/03 Research Amplifies Undergraduate Experience Helene Ragovin, Tufts Journal
1/31/03 Requirement Changes on Hold Until Final Task Force Report Jon Schubin, Tufts Daily
1/29/03 Task Force Proposals Encourage Undergraduate Exploration Jessica Harris, Tufts Daily
1/29/03 College System Could Bring Changes to Tufts (See Table) Jonathan Graham, Tufts Daily
12/11/02 Task Force Me Badd The Primary Source
12/09/02 Professors Placing Increased Importance on Relationships with Students David Kramer, Tufts Daily
12/06/02 Arts & Sciences Embarks on Ambitious Planning Initiative Sarah Dalglish, Tufts Daily
12/05/02 Groups Find Diversity Issues Difficult to Address Rachel Rubenson, Tufts Daily
12/05/02 Task Force Releases Interim Report Bharat Burman, Tufts Daily
12/05/02 More Tasks Lie Ahead Editorial, Tufts Daily
11/26/02 University Approaches Re-Accreditation Process Bharat Burman, Tufts Daily
10/24/02 Trustee Discussion Needs Modification Editorial, Tufts Daily
10/23/02 Phase III of Campus Center Never Completed Maura McCarthy, Tufts Daily
10/22/02 Viewpoint: Recommendations to the Task Force Zeleka Yeraswork, Tufts Daily
10/21/02 New Hope for Curriculum Reform Brian Loeb, Tufts Daily
10/18/02 Bacow Leads Charge in Campus Revamp Ariana Milman, Tufts Observer
10/18/02 University Examining Possibility of More Freshmen-Only Dorms Erika Langer, Tufts Daily
10/15/02 Students Dissatisfied with Curriculum Jacqueline Doherty, Tufts Daily
10/15/02 Dorm Construction to Begin Next Summer Kristyn Daley, Tufts Daily
10/11/02 Task Force Open Forum Signals Change Eliza Cantor, Tufts Daily
10/02 Task Force Report Lauds Fluidity of Intellectual Experience Helene Ragovin, Tufts Journal
9/25/02 Task Force Publishes First  'Status Report' Bree Sposato, Tufts Daily
9/16/02 Strengthening the Endowment Editorial, Tufts Daily
9/16/02 Reitman Assumes Leadership of Task Force Bree Sposato, Tufts Daily
9/3/02 Dean Dillon Departs from Tufts Jonathan Lee, Tufts Daily
5/6/02 The Return on the Investment Tufts E-News
5/5/02 The $35,000 Question Patrick Healy, Boston Globe Magazine
4/29/02 Task Force Seeks Student Input Jonathan Graham, Tufts Daily
4/02 A Fresh Look at Undergraduate Life Tufts Magazine
4/19/02 Larry Bacow to be Inaugurated as 12th President Today Jamie Cox, Tufts Daily
4/12/02 Tufts and the Task Force Angela Silvestro, Tufts Observer
3/02 New Tufts Task Force Underway Jenny Silver, Periscope
3/11/02 Task Force Seeking Input from Community (Letter to Editor) Tufts Daily
3/6/02 Bacow Forum Frustrates Senators Emily Chasan, Parker Clote, Tufts Daily
3/1/02 Examining the Undergraduate Experience Lisa Reitman, Tufts Daily
2/28/02 A Nod to Academics Benjamin Gedan, Tufts Daily
2/14/02 Third Time's A Charm Editorial, Tufts Daily
2/12/02 Mandate Approved for Task Force Nicolas Ferre, Tufts Daily
2/8/02 Weekend Trustee Meeting Takes on New Format Russell Capone, Tufts Daily
2/4/02 Bacow Forms Undergrad Life Task Force Gabriel Koehler-Derrick, Tufts Daily
11/01 Bacow Appoints Task Force on Undergraduate Life Tufts Journal
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